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Default Re: New Origin = Opposite of Donner's

Originally Posted by Mr. Earle View Post
OK, you re starting to piss me off. What the **** is your obsession with going opposite to everything that Donner did? Did Donner sleep with your wife?
I'll play along:
1) His son sends Kent to Krypton.
2) Jonathan is found by the Els.
3) Raised by the Els until Jor-El dies.
4) Goes to the Equator
5) Jonathan meets Jor-El and learns about Earth in new basement
6) Gets fired from the Yearly Moon
7) Lamewoman ends her career by destroying a car
8) Superman interviews Lois
9) Scheme puts his Lex in motion.
10) Superman and Lex dont meet
11) Lex saves Superman
12) Missiles kill everyone
13) Lets Lois dead. She was a whiny ***** anyway.
14) Superman gives the finger to the camera.
15) No credits.
What is this... i dont even....
I've you re so obsessed with going against Donner, how about this: He was found and raised by wolves! Or the Luthors. Or the Waynes. Or hookers (if the movie is directed by Frank Miller) Wow, Revenge of the Fallen is "Citizen Kane" compared to this!
Ok for the 1000 time, my favorite movie of all time is Donner's Superman.

If it was up to me, I would choose an adaptation of All-star Superman starring Jon Hamm. My 2nd choice would be a Legion movie like I said in the other thread.

I don't really want to see another version of Supermans origins. But if they are going to make a new origin I know it's going to be completely different than what we've seen before. So this thread was a way of coming up with different ideas for Supermans origin that was in no way like Donner's but at the same time close to to the comics.

I feel like an adult who has to tell a bunch of kids that there isn't
a Santa Clause! How much more proof do you want that the WB doesn't want a Classic Superman? Just look at the history over the last 15-20 years. Expect something a lot closer to Nic Cage's Superman, than anything from the comics.

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