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Default Re: New Origin = Opposite of Donner's

Originally Posted by Mr. Earle View Post
They changed that because
1) Nolan felt it would be deconstructive if a movie character went to the movies.
2) Wanted bruce to get the vigilante idea himself and not copy Zorro.
Why is it such a big change to you anyway? Nolan only improved the basic concept by having Bruce figuring out his path and suit design himself.
Because they wanted a childhood friend and not any love interest. And yeah... Its Catwoman, Talia, Wonderwoman, and somewhere down the ladder you'll find Vicky Vale.
What? I didn't say it was a big change, all I said is that it's one of the few things that Nolan did that was different from the comics. I didn't mind the change at all!

Catwoman and Talia were never in a million years going to be in Batman Begins because there is waaay to much back story for both of them. And Wonder Woman? I know I asked before if you've ever read a Geoff Johns comic before, but have you actually ever read any comic before? Because as far as I know WW and Batman Have only been linked in JL TAS and that wasn't even a love interest, that was more like intense flirting.

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