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Default Re: The Official Costume Thread - - - - - - - - - - Part 19

Originally Posted by fanboiii View Post
You're missing out on some awesome stories thinking that way. I guess you also skipped on reading Superman: Red Son?

TDKR and DK2 aren't disrespectful to Superman. He has a daughter in it with Wonder Woman named Lara. I always wished Lara made it to canon somehow
I've actually always been intrigued by Red Son. And considering everyone's praise for it here, I might be checking out DKR too.

Originally Posted by El Payaso View Post
You haven't read it because you might not like it? C'mone, Krumm.
I have a buddy who loves DKR and would tease me to no end about how lame Superman was and how he is just a tool. Chalk up my not reading it to a traumatic experience

But like I said, I may be checking it out soon.

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