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Default Re: News & Discussion Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
But hang on a moment. I think The Wolverine will almost certainly 'stand alone' from X-Men Origins: Wolverine and was probably intended to stand alone from the First Class/DoFP series.

But since then we've had Rothman going and now Mark Millar coming on board to help build a 'shared universe.' If The Wolverine is going to be part of that, it must be 'sharing' something with the rest of the franchise by having a link of some kind.

Just saying that we cannot be 100 per cent certain - especially with Millar just coming on board - that The Wolverine will be an entirely separate entity.

On a note of comic book accuracy, it's also interesting that Alexei Belyakov, during his lament on here for the loss of Aronofsky and arrival of Mangold, mentioned that the script at that stage did have the comic book costume and mask in it. I can't see Millar wanting to pass up the opportunity to ensure those elements are included.

It could well be that Logan is forced to embrace the animal side (just as Batman embraced the bat/shadows) and don a costume for some sort of ritual (hunt? battle?) to separate his bestial nature from his human side. That could be a cool way of the Japanese training attempting to isolate his animalistic/berserker aspect from his human self.
In Aronofsky's draft, Wolverine IS the animal throughout the first act. He kills dozens of people, brutally.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
In the second act he learns to control the beast. It doesn't mean he stops killing. He simply learns how to kill like a warrior rather than an animal.

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