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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II

Originally Posted by PyroChamber View Post
She could very well get the part, I mean isn't this sort of how Evans was casted as Cap? Plus I think the other question is would she be willing to do a multi-picture deal?
You're right, this is almost exactly how the Chris Evans casting went. A few others were rumored, but as soon as his name was mentioned, it just made sense. As much as I like many of the other actresses who've been mentioned(Kendrick, Brie, Palmer), Winstead as Sharon Carter would just be inspired casting... She's the perfect choice for the character! She's drop dead gorgeous(and looks like she could be related to Atwell's character), she's an amazing actress(with an extremely wide range), and the best part... she looks like she could convincingly play Sharon as an experienced badass S.H.E.I.L.D agent! I always kinda' wanted to see her in the role, but never thought it would happen. I just hope to God that it DOES end up happening!

I don't think the multi-picture deal will be a huge issue as I think Sharon will most likely only be confined to the Captain America and Avengers films.

And just for the hell of it, here's a couple more pics.

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