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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II

Originally Posted by CoreyIAN View Post
When I first saw Mary Elizabeth Winstead in "Sky High", I knew she's a star in the making and that she's going to be famous one day.....and boy, was I right!!!!

She probably the only one from "Sky High" who has a decent film career

I don't really know much about Sharon Carter....but I heard she's a shield agent and she's blonde.

I hope Mary is able to pull off a blonde look....better than Jessica Alba in Fantastic Four 2.

If Mary accepts the role, does that means she will appear in "The Avengers 2" ??

Why isn't this exclusive news being reported on

I don't get it, all the other websites are running the stories of Mary being the frontrunner for the role.....but there is no mention of this news on the front page of
Sharon Carter would probably be exclusive to Cap's solo franchise, but not part of the Avenger franchise.

I'd be okay with MEW as Carter, too, but I'm inclined to agree with the poster above who suggested you might be her agent.


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