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Default Re: Wolverine Will Be in Days of Future Past

Originally Posted by EnDz0n3 View Post
Oohhh boy now we're nitpicking when certain actors are announced, complaining that Hugh Jackman was not included with the first batch of actors, therefore Bryan Singer is just shoe-horning his favorite character in. Nevermind your homophobic rant earlier
Had Jackman been announced with the others I'd bet you'd be saying the exact same thing.
I take serious, serious offense to the label homophobic, especially since I am quite, shall we say, the furthest thing from it. The sexual orientation of the director, or crew, or cast, is completely irrelevant to the quality of the film or the character decisions made. The expression I used is a fairly common one amongst my coworkers and open-minded discussion groups I circle to describe favoritism for a character (or novel, or movie, or flavor of pie). Apologies if it offended or gave people the wrong idea. I was attacking Bryan for his favoritism and nothing else. Those posts were deleted so let's move on.

Did Shaw and the Hellfire club threatening to start WWIII prevent Xavier and Magneto from having screen time/development in the first film? That was the conflict they had to face. Its no different now. Not in any way, no matter how you convolute things to say they are..
I'm not convoluting things. I don't know anything about the movie, but big names demand big screentime, and these three are not exactly signing up to be the villains of the movie. I'm making assumptions based on this and the fact that Singer doesn't have a good track record of making films not about his favorite X-Man.

The plot of DOFP alone isn't comparable to Shaw's. Shaw's was a pretty straightforward villainous plot. DOFP has robots and time travel and the old cast and possibly a villain or possibly facing off with the Brotherhood. That's like a 4 hour movie right there with just the plot elements, not even taking into account the character development or dealing with the aftermath of FC.

I am absolutely allowed to be disappointed with the direction this is going in based on the news that keeps rolling in. I'm relieved to see there are at least a couple people on here who share my concern. And it's good that there are people excited about it too. After all if they're going to make FC3 they need to rake in some money at the box office and at this point I can't guarantee mine will be joining the pot. Hopefully something will come up soon to change that.

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