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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Moridin View Post
You answered everything in your own post. This was all talk from July (including Pegg's tweet - EDIT: and including the featurefilmcasting thing, which is from January 2012) when they were considering AM for late 2014. Months later (October) it was announced for late 2015.
The January 2012 date was an obvious misprint, given that their article came out in October 2012. *Pretty* sure they meant "January 2013," unless they were going back in time, dontcha think....?

There's no evidence against that...

...except for the fact that Wright is currently in post-production on WE and will be for several more months, he isn't shooting a big budget movie in the middle of that.

...except for the fact that if AM was filming any time soon we would have had similar reports of casting/auditions & filming locations along with a rough start date like we've been getting from Cap2 & GotG for the past few months.

...and except for the fact that there is absolutely no need to shoot a film nearly 2 to 3 years before it's release date, especially when there are 3 other films that need to roll before it.
Yes, I don't honestly think they'll start filming Ant-Man this month. But yes, I honestly believe Pegg and Wright when they said that they're filming this as soon as WE wraps, and as soon as Thor TDW wraps, and that it'll be filmed sometime in 2013.

Wright already has test footage for the film from last year's SDCC. The script has gone through at least three rewrites that I can count, and Wright has shown every indication that he's finally ready to roll on this. And I'd be willing to bet a shiny silver dollar that Feige has been pressuring him to get it done in time for at least some kind of Hank/Janet precursor in Avengers 2.

Hank and Janet are crucial characters to the Avengers. Before summer of 2012, Wright could probably afford to drag his heels on this and make a film that doesn't even have ties to the MCU, let alone Avengers. After Avengers became the third biggest blockbuster of all time --- ALL TIME, Kanye --- the rules on Ant-Man have changed in a major way.


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