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Default Re: How long before the fan community turns on the Nolan films?

I agree 1000 % with u guys.

Nolan wont be the only one to achieve that level of emotion and depth but we wont get it for a lonnng time. If i had a house to bet on, i would do it in a heartbeat. Id bet that the next series of films will be enjoyed by Bat fans for being true to the source material. But the formula will be very unoriginal and episodic throughout each sequel. Ill bet anything.

Will it become the "Amazing Spider-Man" of the Batman franchise? Liked, thought to be more accurate than past movies at times, but most agree that it's not very original? Maybe. It can surely happen. But even if the reboot is fantastic, i guarantee you the complaints/comparisons will pile up like no other.

"It's just a modern take on Burtons visual style. Nothing new here. Good but it feels empty".

"It's just a fantastical and more fun/accessible version of the Dark Knight trilogy. Even look at the Riddler. It's trying too hard to be Heath. It has a serious script but not much depth, it's just Nolan gone sci-fi and it falls flat."

They'll try to pull off the middle ground between Burton and Nolan. And it could be totally awesome, but it IS following Nolans trilogy. I feel bad for the first movie.

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