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Default Re: The Star Wars Fanbase - How do they feel?

Originally Posted by Jedi-Spirit View Post
If you think the PT was a boxoffice failure, well, there no way to reach you then...I just said you don't fix if not broken, Batman of the 90's = broken, Prequels, = Cash Cow!

And that is why, top to bottom, the product won't be very different...
I have said at least once that the prequels did perfectly well, financially. You are determined to see this as the only measure of the successful handling of a franchise over the long term, which is simplistic and short sighted.

If you dislike Batman and Robin as an example- despite its decent worldwide return- try Die Another Day, or Spiderman 3. The brand equity of a big film franchise outstrips the value of the return on one film. It is no advantage for your franchise to be considered a pop culture joke, or be rubbished by the critical press.

You are no doubt right to suppose that the new films will have things in common with the prequels- the nature of them all being Star Wars movies makes that an objective inevitability- but you can be assured that Abrams et al will try to introduce some clear distinctions, too.

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