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Default Re: The Star Wars Fanbase - How do they feel?

Originally Posted by Solidus View Post
Honestly you are no longer objective in your study then if you think the OT lovers are mean negative people all the time. Have you watched RLM? You seem to know a lot about it already. And other PT fans tell us we need to like the PT to be Star Wars fans. It is a double edged sword. I've been attacked at places like TFN just as much.
Do you all think the divide/debate is really about the movies though?

This stuff goes on with ALL types of fandom. At a point, it's not even about what the movies actually are.

I am sure there are countless Trekkies bickering about JJ's Star Trek Vs Original Trek vs Next Generation.

Solidus...come on. Let's make Star Wars fan club cards, and I'll put an asterisk on yours that says *Except for The Prequel Trilogy (Barf)

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