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Default Re: Abandonned. Legendary Movies that Never Made it to the Big Screen

Originally Posted by Thundarr View Post
I had actually come up with a plot outline for that movie. Callahan is retired, when he gets an anonymous letter in the mail telling him to watch the news. When he turns on the news he learns that someone is re-enacting the sniper killings of the first film. Harry volunteers to work with the police as a consultant. Every time they are about to catch the copycat, he changes to a different case of Callahan's (the cases from the other Dirty Harry films).
That's a really cool idea, and I would love to see a retired (with old school ideas about police work) Callahan as a consultant. It could've been a really good thriller flick.

In many ways BvS could be considered an indie arthouse film dressed up as a blockbuster. Or the superhero film that Stanley Kubrick might have made.
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