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Default Re: The general Barry Allen vs Wally West thread

Originally Posted by cleverusername8 View Post
Also of note, the DC Universe Online game booted Wally from the mix as well. Apparently he was present in the tie-in comics that got little to no traction but when the game came out, adult Flash was Barry, "original" Flash was Jay, and Kid Flash was Bart. Wally was not in the picture.

Then Young Justice killed the character in its last aired episode. Brandon Vietti - one of the creative leads - stated on Twitter that Wally was intended to stay dead even if the show continued. They planned for his death from the beginning and planned to make it permanent unlike other apparent deaths that took place.

I think the message is becoming fairly clear that DC and WB are turning their backs on the Wally/Kyle Rayner generation of Flash and Green Lantern characters. We're looking at a future of Hal (or maybe John) and Barry for a long time to come.
Wally still doesn't have a place in the New 52 and Kyle is a White Lantern. There is no way WB is going to try and sell the GA those two as part of DC's Big 5 in live action.

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