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Default Re: The general Barry Allen vs Wally West thread

Originally Posted by Mightyally View Post
General speculation/discussion about Barry or Wally for the Justice League movies.
What´s the differences? What´s your opinion?

Powers, personality, relations to other JL charachters, how to introduce Barry or Wally, is anyone better than the other? etc...
There's no point in discussing this, I think. Mostly because all complains/letters/fans voicing their love for Wally DID NOT CHANGE ANYTHING to the whole thing. Obviously, and since quite a lot of time, studios are just doing what they wantwith what they call franchises and what we call characters. They re-introduce Barry, they erased Wally, could the message be more clear? Wally is, sadly sadly, gone. Even ifhe comes back in the comics, he would at best manage to be a character in the flash universe but he won't be Flash anymore. So for me, the movie thing.... it is not open for debate, they will go with Barry. Best way to open the franchise and capitalize on it to the max.

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