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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

Originally Posted by Victarion View Post
Ha! I remember those days. Didn't he have a sort of cult in Gotham's sewers? I can see where the rumors may have originated about Blackfire as the TDKR villain. Starting with Freeze sounds like a good way to establish that this new series is radically different from the Dark Knight Trilogy.
Agreed. Freeze is perfect for the first villain. They can have some horror elements to the character too. I love the comparison of Freeze and Michael Myers. That ominous, slow walk should be emulated for Freeze. Seriously WB, take a look at Arkham City, take that characterization of Freeze, tweak the design, and get a badass actor under that dome, and you can do what TDKR did for Bane. Mr. Freeze of any villain needs to be redeemed. Batman & Robin set that character back so far, but he's so awesome, and has so much potential.

I've 1000% percent supported Freeze as the first reboot villain since day one. He's perfect for it. He immediately sets the new series apart from TDKT

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