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Default Re: batman vs Superman box office prediction

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So apparently a Disney chairman has hinted at Cap 3 being the one to move from that May date. I didn't expect Marvel to be the one to crack first but it would probably make the most sense.

Cap 2 proved early April release date can work, so why not just put Cap 3 there too? That would give BvS the ability to kick off the summer movie season on its' own, which I think is huge.
Cap 3 will be the second movie of phase 3 ant man being the 1st
and Marvel can't afford for Cap to bomb leaving cap3 Un may of 2016 will be suicide
bvs will kill it's dom take and cut in to the o.s take and 2 weeks after you have XA and 2 weeks later tasm3 now I hear starwars ep7 in may as well and

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