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Default Re: batman vs Superman box office prediction

Originally Posted by Marvin View Post
I see, I didn't know you were guessing that for a head to head weekend(something that won't happen imo).

Secondly, do you have any idea how many people were 'turned off' by Transformers? People that care enough to be vocal about how 'turned off' they are the type of people that care enough to show up regardless. This is very much the paradigm of TF imo. Then there is the issue of if they are right, I personally think the GA has spoken and is continuing to speak on the matter. How good the movie is in and of itself(without people deeming uplifting is some prerequisite of film) is rarely discussed imo.

This very clearly isn't the Superman Returns situation.
If this doesn't open with Cap 3 (which I hope it doesn't), I would estimate 115-120 million opening.

I sort of agree with you about the MOS/Transformers thing, but...I go back and forth. MOS is a bit of a different situation. With transformers, people know to expect nothing deep. They know it's just going to be hot chicks running bouncily and intense robot action. It's targeted at an audience that wants to see that and those people are happy to flock to the theater. MOS promised to be something deeper. People were expecting Dark Knight type goodness, not something dumb like Transformers. Some people think MOS didn't deliver and were royally pissed off. While I'm sure some of the more fanboyish of those folks will still see BvsS, I'm not sure about GA members that didn't get what they were expecting. I wouldn't put it past them to write off a sequel by Snyder. However, MOS did well on DVD, so evidently some people like it. I just find it hard to predict the response to this after MOS caused such an uproar. People have weird and intense attitudes towards it and still argue over it today.

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