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Default Re: batman vs Superman box office prediction

Originally Posted by MrsKent26 View Post
The reason I guessed that is in part because it's still slated to open with Cap 3. If one of them moves, I would increase my estimate. Also, the reality is that some people didn't like MOS. It was a controversial movie. Some folks might be turned off. Of course, if BvsS has good word of mouth and people think some of the issues they had with MOS have been corrected, that might help it grow some legs and have a strong second week.
What Part of Cap 3 don't stand a chance with this movie don't you guys understand the only people that will be going to see cap 3 will be the Marvel fan base that day which that means cap 3 is looking as at a 50 mil o.w at best because bvs will take everything that weekend dom and o.s I don't see Cap3 making 400ww if it stays but 800ww of it moves up to April
BvS has no worries it will easily double mos opening weekend with bad wom and reach 300 mil o.w with good wom
this movie will make 1.2bil+ it will have a free 2 week run until Xmen -A and a 3 week run until TASM3

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