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Default Re: batman vs Superman box office prediction

Originally Posted by kguillou View Post
Are we now expecting Episode VII to be delayed as well?

One other thing that ive been thinking about and this may be another thread entirely but...with BvS starting filming in May and wrapping up in the Fall....why do they need a whole year and a half of post production? Isn't that a little too much? Presumably by this time next year all the special effects and post prod work should be finished so why hold on to the film that long?
If principal photography indeed starts on may 19th that would be a tight schedule if they intended to release it anytime next summer depending on the amount of post-production work required.
Now they could've have taken a winter spot but WB doesn't like to release those films out of the summer season (Green Lantern was initially set for a winter release as well as Man Of Steel and both got delayed to the next summer season).

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