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Default Re: Ben Affleck IS Batman - - Part 17

Originally Posted by John-An View Post
I just don't get your comparisson. General Zod wasn't beated by SUPERMAN in the beginning so your comparisson is baseless cause the other two examples had nothing to do with this one.
You are correct there IS a difference, MoS was worse in that Zod was already beaten by someone that wasn't the protagonist, having your main antagonist punked out so early in the film kinda effects the stakes and tension in the movie. Especially for me.

Originally Posted by John-An View Post
there's a difference and if you didn't notice General Zod wasn't a common villain, was a patriot, that had its methods it wasn't the generic villain that you see in every movie (that was A NICE TOUCH ON THE CHARACTER and smth I really liked about it, that it wasn't a common villain).
He came off pretty generic to me, he wanted to destroy the world and commit mass genocide, for what? for patriotic pride? What about common restraint? morality? Even if he didn't care about the billions of humans he had doomed, surely he would show any sort of sympathy for any remaining Kryptonian, regardless of who he was. It was an underwritten character, he came off as a tool who had no problem killing billions for a patriotism that he never really showed (just kept talking about) the least they could do was make him seem somewhat threatening.

Originally Posted by John-An View Post
you have the relationship of Zod-Jor-el, Jor-el wasn't a common scientist SOMETHING THAT MANY JUST DON'T GET IT. CALLING Jor-el just a scientist is a bit childish.
He also was Zod's friend (knew his weakness, etc..) and YOU NOTICED THAT IF YOU SAW THE MOVIE. .
But he was just a scientist, wasn't kryptonian society a deterministic one? Every kryptonian was born to fulfill a purpose in their society. Any way you cut it an army general getting beat in hand to hand combat by any non army person (no matter how good they are) is kinda suspect.

Originally Posted by John-An View Post
Then you have to notice that Zod wasn't the only villain of the movie. It was General Zod and his ARMY!!!!
When you have to build up a nice villain just look at Zod's message (it wasn't the only one, helloooo Faora) and the thing Zod made Superman do, that any other villain hadn't acieve to other hero in the cbms, and that my friend was what made villains great.
I will admit Zod forcing Clark to kill him is a great villainous moment, heck it was so good it turned viewers against him! (let alone the backlash in the film universe itself) but it would have been far more effective if Zod was either a more sympathetic character or his relationship with Clark was better written, his despair after the fact felt incredibly forced.

Originally Posted by John-An View Post
In fact Superman wasn't superior in fight with him. Again I think is a bit silly to compare them to the other two villains???
You build up a great villain and then lowered by a shot with the batpod? that was a nice build up? I liked Bane but the end of his character lowered his great things in the movie according to the nice character he was.
Yeah I'll give you that, that entire Talia/Bane thing is probably the worst thing in a movie that I love, talk about cutting a characters balls off. Kinda showed you, no matter how badass a man can get, you can always get undermined by a beautiful woman.

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