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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread - Part 5

I don't think the Jim Lee version of the New 52 suit should be used as an example when condemning it. It's the worst rendition of it.

This is what I'm assuming is what some are basing their opinions off of. And honestly, I understand the complaints about the busy lines and other deviations from the classic suit.

But look at these versions of the New 52.

Mainly Capullo's version. Most of the complaints are erased (busy lines, metallic look, etc) and it certainly pulls off the "creature of the night/noir/pulp detective" look. Its basically a better version of the traditional suit, and it looks more modern and armored yet flexible.

I think it would be an excellent choice to model after for Snyder. Especially considering this will likely be the FIRST TIME we get a comic accurate Batsuit EVER.

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