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Default Re: The Official "The Dark Knight Is Overrated" Thread.

My problems:

The sub plot about Bruce wanting to give up being Batman because of Dent makes no sense and almost ruins the film for me. For one thing Bruce states 'He locked up 500 criminals and he did it without wearing a mask.' but he completely ignores the fact that the only reason Dent was able to do this was because Batman went to China and brought Lau back. Also this is bad because it makes no sense that Bruce would go away and train for 7 years of his life just to want to quit after a year. But that is a symptom of my next problem.

Another thing that ruins the trilogy for me is that Batman is almost entirely motivated by his feelings for Rachel when Batman should be above that sort of thing. In Begins the only reason he targets the mob is because she tells him they are responsible for his parent's death. In TDK he wants to quit being Batman after only one year just so he can be with her. In TDKR he quits for 8 years just because of her death! If I had my way I would have just had Bruce's childhood friend who becomes a lawyer be Harvey Dent and just not have a love interest until Catwoman.

It's annoying too that Batman seems to have become much worse at his job than in Begins. In the scene with Scarecrow he tries (and fails) to cut into the back of the van and I have no idea why. That was probably the most pointless thing to try and do because Crane wasn't even in the back of the van! And in the nightclub scene some random henchman manages to knock Batman over the head with a glass bottle, if he hadn't been wearing a helmet he would have been killed right then and there and the movie would be over. That's so much different than when he managed to take out a group of several armed gunmen in Begins with ease.

The thing that actually ruins this film for me is the fact that mere minutes after making a speech to the Joker about how he would never break his rule, he pushes Harvey off of a ledge and kills him! I could have been okay with this is it had been played up in the movie as a big deal that Batman broke his rule, but the movie just seems to not realise that Harvey's death was entirely Batman's fault. And it's not even like he had no other choice, as a ninja he could of easily snuck up behind Dent while he was holding Gordon's son and choked him until he passed out. Then they could have had a nice long talk about philosophy through Harvey's prison bars, but no he just walks right up to him like an idiot! This ending completely ruins the movie for me.

I still think it's a great movie, but I can't enjoy it because it's terrible as a Batman movie. It's a shame too because I felt that Begins-Batman could have easily developed into a comic book accurate Batman, but he just got weaker over the course of the trilogy.


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