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Default Re: The Official "The Dark Knight Is Overrated" Thread.

Originally Posted by GremlinZilla89 View Post
Back to the last act. The plotting of the film up to this point is fierce and perfectly paced. It's breathless without feeling like overkill or losing momentum...until it does. After the hospital explosion the film just goes into overdrive and extends itself too far too fast and just takes me out every single time. Believe me, I've tried to enjoy the third act over many repeat viewings but I can never get into it.

The pacing just feels too sped up and they simultaneously introduce yet more political concepts and try to wrap up the plot at the same time. It just feels like overload. I never by the ferry scene and find it incredibly hokey. In a tonally lighter comic book film, one that isn't going for a totally realistic vibe, the scene would play better and I may not have an issue with it. But in this film it just comes off as hamfisted and forced. It would be right at home in an Iron Man film or Spidey film. Hell, it could be at home in a more fantastical Batman film...but something about it's execution just doesn't ring true.
I 100% agree about the ferry scene. The film just grinds into a halt at that point. You could make the same point a lot better.. besides it wasn't even given much development up to that point to start with. You barely know the Gotham citizenry and what they're capable of. The screenwriters turned a complex issue into an extremely simplistic one. Such an annoying scene, and the pretentiousness of it is unbearable.

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