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Default Re: Russell Crowe in talks to play Jor-El

Originally Posted by Daybreak_st View Post
Actually that's not necessarily true. They may well be trying a vastly different approach. Via flashbacks or through revelations by Zod we may well see quite a bit of Jor-el in action rather than a disembodied head in a fortress. Also several recent comics highlight Jor-el's discovery that Krypton was at the brink of destruction and then his preparation for his son similar to how the animated series started. I'm hoping for something like that as it can finally flesh out the characters and highlight the real tragedy of krypton's destruction and Kal's loosing his birth parents.
This is what I'm talking about. When Krypton is destroyed it needs feel like a real tragedy...Not a time filler that serves only to set-up how Superman came to Earth.

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