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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XXXIII

Originally Posted by theLegend View Post
What do you think he's doing with her in hotel rooms in Italy, my dude?

He's got Selina's legs over his shoulders 24/7

I mean you know he's hit it multiple times by the end. The tension all through out the film was palpable, then you got Bruce smiling a toothy genuine grin ...

And for the first time ever, he's wearing a PINK shirt.

If Bruce is emotionally recovered enough and confident enough to wear pink instead of black and navy blues as he usually does ... then it's really safe to assume Bruce has been in Selina's pink if you get my drift.

Originally Posted by rickfox View Post
as I have stated many times

between Bruce and Selina

mothers's(alive/deceased) jewellery can be passed to their son's wife/fiancee/partner and served as a symbol to confirm marriage or partnership

examples--Kate was given one of Diana's diamond rings(oval sapphire) from William for their engagement

My mother gave one of her diamond ring and necklace to my fiancee

that pearl necklace is a symbol/hint to indicate who will be Bruce's wife/ partner since the begining part of The Dark Knight rises

and at the end of movie-- there are pearl necklace on Selina's neck when she and Bruce were sitting in that cafe on the banks of Arno river near Florence

also, if we trace back to the begining part of this movie, Alfred clearly indicate that he's always hoping to see Bruce lives happily with wife(even kids),but he also stated "I won't say anything to you,nor would you"(both sides remain silence)

so Selina wearing Martha Wayne's pearl necklace is the best way to tell Alfred that she is Mrs Wayne now ---in order to fulfil Alfred's wish


and you still questioning whether Bruce finally get "lucky" with Selina or not to this very day?
Originally Posted by #1nolanfan View Post
Or if she's found out what's really in his pants other than his wallet .
lol; great points by all. It's still interesting to know that in this universe, there's kind of a age difference (at least by 10 years) between Bruce and Selina. I'm so used to seeing versions where they're portrayed roughly around the same age that it was a new experience seeing them presented where Bruce is like quite a bit older than Selina.

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