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Default Re: Which female character shared a deeper connection w/ Bruce?

Originally Posted by Panthro View Post
Yeah I think the saga ending with Bruce and Rachel together (had she survived) would have represented regression rather than progression. In the end Rachel did not represent love, she represented a fixation Bruce had with his past, with a lost childhood innocence that was simply never going to come back no matter how much he wanted it to. Or, as you said, he was infatuated with the ideas & ideals Rachel represented rather than loving her for the person she was. I believe Dent loved Rachel for who she was, and I think it was pretty obvious in the end that Rachel loved Dent and not Bruce because in her own heart Rachel had already moved on while Bruce hadn't.

Bruce being with Selina at the end better demonstrates that he's finally moved on and is in a better place mentally and emotionally than he had been in years and ever would have been if he'd ended up with Rachel.
This is an excellent post.

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