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Default Re: The Amazing Spider-Man General Discussion - - - Part 22

I don't think I said everything I have about this film, not here, not anywhere. Gah, here's my full thought, and it might be a pain to scroll down with it being on, so I'm using a spoiler tag
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Meet 4 years old Peter Parker, his parents take him away to his uncle Ben's house, on the chalkboard of Richard Parker a drawing of a spider is shown, but nothing saying his son was his guinea pig (as was Bruce in the 2003 Hulk film). The mother is ignored for the most part, all we know about her is her death in a car crash with her husband, I think it's ok considering the source material they used for the biggest reference didn't say anything about Pete's mother either

Flash enjoys toying with Peter a little, and he doesn't like to be called Eugene (I like him already since I hate that name as well, I'd prefer them using the name Fred as in Ultimate Spider-Man), his reaction though is extreme, there was no need to kick Peter as hard as he did. I like how we get to know a bit more about Flash later, like how he is not a complete bully, although he can be a jerk at times, he's more like that bully who spoke on one of Oprah's episodes about bullying, not really a bully. Giving condolence to Peter after hearing of his uncle's demise is a nice touch, that is the Flash I know of and like, and near the end we see him sporting a Spider-Man T-Shirt, it's awesome to see that.
Why did they show him by the ambulance after Lizard attacked the school to get to Peter? Don't know, there was no purpose.
Why did they make him buddy-buddy all of a sudden near the end with Peter? Who knows, it's nice to see him friends with Pete out of comics for a change, the problem is it didn't have any build up

Gwen Stacy, what is there to say about her? She's the nice cute friend living in an apartment, she's Peter's first true girlfriend as was shown in the classic comics (Betty was just a thing, Pete felt nothing after she returned in Amazing Spider-Man 41). The way Peter revealed to her he's Spider-Man, the moment at the football field, pretty much cry Ultimate Mary Jane, it's great to see the influence of Ultimate Spider-Man showing in Peter's love interest here

Before Ben was shot, he was called by school cause Peter humiliated (?) Flash by shooting a hoop, not for breaking the basket and the glass, no, he was in the principal office for humiliating a guy playing basketball, just by not giving him the ball as he asked, this is the most WTF moment in the movie.
Ben telling Peter the rule Richard lived by, "if something you can do then you do it, it's not a choice, a responsibility" part is actually decent, a proper way to teach a lesson, I never liked the way they made Cliff Robertson say it to Peter, it felt too forced and weird, only reason it was fed directly is how iconic and important it is to the mythos of the character
Before Ben being shot he should have kicked the gun and call it a day, case closed, but heh, that's the reason Peter behave by the motto, it can't be changed or denied, so I'm accepting it

Peter Parker was timid in classic comics -even in Ultimate- after getting bit by the spider and experiencing what it's like he grew some confidence and more guts, that was done nicely here and I approve
People have arguments with their parents, forget some errands, even the nicest one can do a d*** move one time or two, that is something to relate to and I don't mind seeing Peter doing it, he's about being someone you can relate to, and if someone said he/she never did any of those I won't believe, even the snooping part, as his Peter Parker self he's not remembered for that, but he did it enough times after being Spider-Man to say I'm not bothered by him doing this, cause throughout the movie you can still see him acting responsibly more than not

To tell Flash to stop bullying that guy instead of taking a photo of him, that's being responsible
To hear about a trouble on the bridge and going to help even before knowing what is happening, that's being responsible
To know that Connors is the monster after seeing living proof, and heading to the best cop he could talk to is responsible
And he told Gwen to avoid danger

If I was to talk about him being irresponsible and breaking a promise he made to Captain Stacy about not seeing Gwen, he didn't say it with words, a promise wasn't clearly delivered

Captain Stacy not being confident about Spider-Man, not trusting, and not such an old guy, that is Ultimate, that is shown Ultimate

Richard Parker & Curt Connors working together for a cure to change the world, for a disease, it's just like Richard & Eddie sr working together for a cure in Ultimate comics, a cure for cancer, that is one of three obvious references to the Ultimate franchise, or four if you count how Connors is not with his son or something, and there's a cut on his work

Lizard working on a cure, the mouse he tested the cure on with Peter on his side, wanting to make the human race a better race, very much like the pilot of the 90s cartoon, I love it, I endorse it, and looked forward to seeing a Lizard mouse in the movie since it wasn't shown in the cartoon, I love it
Fred ate Wilma, he can't shout on her any more WIIILMAAAAAA

When it comes to how Lizard moved all of his equipment to the sewers, well, that is a question to be asked in all media, games, comics, film, etc..., how did he build his lab? I have to thank spider-neil for bringing this up

Is Dr. Ratha the one the Lizard eats in the deleted scene? I want to know, cause the good doctor wasn't mentioned since the bridge incident
Referencing Osborn dying is a nice way to build for a sequel, the next movie needs to show that, needs to show him and explain what is killing him


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