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Default Re: Stand Alone & Spin-Off Star Wars movies...what would you like to see get made?

Originally Posted by Jedi-Spirit View Post
Obi-Wan may find it in Lukes best interest to deal with any threat away from Tatooine, & not risk attracting attention so close to home...The way I see it, Luke is discovered quite by accident and someone is running to sell this information, but Obi-Wan follows him off world in an effort to keep the secret intact & do away with him far from where it could attract attention in Lukes vacinity...the rest writes itself ;-)
That'd be good, but i still wish they'd do more with Owen Lars :/ it seemed like him and beru had such a good history with Anakin and had all of these little conflicts with Obi-Wan. If they make his spin off they better put some of that in there!

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