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Default Re: Why is everyone slamming TDKR?

1. Fanboys turn on EVERYTHING after the newness wears off.

2. The trilogy is over, so it's time to psyche themselves up for the new toy in the distance by crapping on the old one they're tired of playing with.

3. It is honestly inferior to TDK (some would also say BB, though I think that is open to debate) and thus if it's not as good as the best, it must be the worst in simplistic Internet terms.

4. In the wake of Avengers, the new fan favorite style is bright, colorful and super-duper faithful with universe/world building inner-connective content. Just like around 2005-2010, Nolan's "dark and gritty" style was the fad of choice.

5. People are just bored.

There are some reasons.

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