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Default Re: Anne Hathaway vs Michelle Pfeiffer

Originally Posted by DACrowe View Post
Yeah...except Burton's Catwoman is DEFINED by the gender politics in the movie. Her chauvanistic boss tosses her out a window making her become Catwoman. What line sets off her madness back home? "Your boss will be asking you to stay late for a candlelight dinner for two..." a line implying the only way working women can progress their career is by sleeping their way to the top. It infuriates the wronged Selina Kyle who then DESTROYS images of docile girlhood like stuffed animals and doll houses before making a sexy S&M outfit that lets her take control of her womanhood. What are her first four lines out on the town?

1) "I just love a big strong man who can pick on someone half his size."

2) "Be gentle, it's my first time."

3) "You make it so easy waiting for some Bat...MAN to save you. I am Cat..WOMAN. Hear me roar!"

4) "You men always confusing your pistols with your privates...You're overpaid!"

All of that is about her gender role as a woman taking control in a man's world by kicking ass. That is how Burton views the end. As an empowered independent woman, she cannot let herself be dominated or domineered by a rich man who wants to play her Prince Charming to take her away to "live in your castle forever like a fairy tale." She can't live with herself. She is entirely defined by her sexuality and the woman's role in the modern world and the independence that goes with that.

Nolan's Selina Kyle? She is a cat burglar who can handle herself. End of story, at least in terms of gender. We can go down the road of social revolutionary, but she does not define herself as a woman first and neither do any of the other characters except for Daggett who is depicted to be cartoonishly stupid and oblivious.
Anne Hathaway's Catwoman wasn't really defined by anything, though, just another hot chick in black leather kicking ass. Batman Returns was making an interesting statement about gender politics.

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