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Default Re: NOW which film is your favourite??

TDKR actually feels the most like a Batman film to me. Color palette, return of Wayne Manor and a more traditional Batcave, all the underground settings in general, The Bat, more masked characters like Catwoman and Bane (with additional characters from the lore like Crane and Talia fleshing out the universe), etc.

Honestly, they all feel like Batman films to me. I mean if you ever read a graphic novel like The Long Halloween, and craved a Batman movie that played out like a big sprawling crime drama...TDK is your movie. Not to mention the use of The Joker alone gives it that "classic Batman" feel.

BB is great because it builds the mythos up from nothing. It has to spend time establishing Batman's methods and as a result we get to see Batman doing a lot of "Batman things". At the time it came out I wasn't the hugest fan of the brown, earthy color tones but I've come to appreciate it and now I love how each film is distinguished by its own color tone. Plus, some bats are brown after all.

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