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Default Re: Love this IMBD post about the Damage/Death Toll in MOS

Originally Posted by GremlinZilla89 View Post
How? How did he put thousand of people in danger? Oh, when he stopped the World Engine from killing all human life on Earth? Or when he fought Zod in a clearly abandoned part of the city? Or when he kept the Smallville fight in the street as much as he could? Or when he stopped Zods ship? I guess you wanted Superman to have a cloning ability so that he could be 8 places at once. I guess an actual threatening threat is too much for people to handle? "Oh wait, Zod actually is a real threat in this film? Why? I don't want REAL danger! I want happy danger!"
Superman even did strategize. He sends his ally Lois Lane with the ship to get rid of the Kryptonians while he goes to the other side of the world to fight the World Engine. True, he does not coordinate with the police in Metropolis, but really, if someone should do that it is the military. There might be lack of planning, but we can't blame it on Superman.

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