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Default Re: The Official "I Loved Raimi's Spider-Man' Thread - Part 1 of 99 Luft - Pa

Originally Posted by Kargo Warrior View Post
After several years i decided to watch the first two Spider-Man films,to see how i felt about them now,how i see them from my current perspective and point of view.

And boy,i love these movies with all my heart...they are so innocent,witty,so well edited and scripted i always end the second film with a huge smile on my face,which lasts about 30 seconds only to start my bewilderment of how they messed the third film so badly.I really like the first one despite a flaw here and a flaw there but I will spend some thoughts on the sequel.

Spider-Man 2 is the perfect sequel.It does all three major things that a sequel should marvelously:

1)It seamlessly continues the story
2)It expands it's world but most importantly,it expands it's characters,their ambitions,issues,desires...
3)It ends the story with just enough happiness and unresolved tension to work on it's own but leaves place for a spectacular finale(which,alas,didn't happen.)

In the first film,Spider-Man received a gift which turned into a burden,a responsibility he thought he understood and accepted.What the sequel smartly builds on and simultaneously questions along the way is whether a normal life is possible for someone who risks his life every day,someone who's a firefighter,a cop,a super soldier,a role model all at once.Would any individual accept such a life?Is there an amount of good deeds that are enough or is that responsibility for the rest of his life?Can there be a balance between personal happiness and the greater good?If seem from a neutral utilitarian perspective,would someone with such powers be seen as selfish if he would prefer to have a sweetheart,kids,a peaceful life?

The psychological torment Peter is having is juggled around wonderfully between his continuous sacrifice and his inability to be there for the love of his life,to have classes,to be what one would consider a normal young person.His guilt about his powers and what happened to his uncle have a quiet catharsis when he confesses his role to his Aunt.No act in either films is more brave and honest,creating Peter as someone not only with physical courage but moral one as well.

One of the best aspects of the script,is the care put into all the supporting characters that create this world.M.J is living her dream,lighting up Broadway,getting posters all over town but she's not very happy because fame and fortune are nothing without someone to share them with and the only person who has cared for her all along the way,mysteriously avoids her,sending mixed messages every time they see each other.She's presented as someone who doesn't let emotions ruin her life but follows her heart when it's the thing required.Her decision at the end of the film,brings the story into full circle from Peter chasing the bus,to her chasing him and making her decision be just as important as his,a love between two equals who are always gentle and tender to each other.

Aunt May is longing for her husband,all alone in the world but her fortitude is shown every step of the way,never putting her head down because of monetary issues,forgiving Peter and always being there when he needs an advice or a simple shoulder to rely on.

Harry has an interesting arc,convinced his father was killed by Spider-Man,he spends his life between continuing his father's legacy figuratively and literally.Once his sponsorship fails,killing Spider-Man is all he has left but who that is,is what makes him a tragic figure.His only friend,his only the person that ruined his life.Revenge is on the cards.

Finally Doc Ock,who is a considerable improvement over the Goblin,a person who parallels Peter in following,chasing his dreams,but unlike him,someone who lets them devour everything he cared and worked for.A prideful person that could have changed the world had he been more patient and honest to a deluded criminal,he gets a honorable farewell at the end,sacrificing himself for those he worked for his entire life,those he hoped ton help better their lives,the common people.

The humor in the film is abundant,with J.J.Jameson on the front line equipped with a dozen sarcastic lines ready for delivery.''Caviar? Who are we inviting, the czar?'' is one the many laugh out loud moments,that are always natural,in the spirit of the situation and not as mere comic relief and unnecessary banter.The homage to comic book fans was also subtly added to the story from the Dr. Strange reference,to Mr Ditkovich to Peter's comic books thrown in the garbage can...''those dreadful things'' as Aunt May called them.

The action sequences are amazing,the train fight,endlessly emulated but never improved remains the best action scene of any comic book film,showing computer wizardry when used well can only add to a great story,not make a great story.Saving the train in spectacular fashion,the reaction of the passengers is one of the most impactfull scenes and touches the essence of Spider-Man...he is just a kid with a tremendous powers which he uses to help everyday people without any price or benefit but simply because he is following the example his Aunt and Uncle left him.

Even though it's a sequel,it doesn't feel big,it's very intimate,very poignant,we're spending time with genuine characters not action heroes produced in a computer.It's a film made with great care about them,never sidestepping their lives for needless thrills or explosions.Most of the firework comes from the interaction and the deep emotions between the characters,their words and their choices rather than CGI theatrics.
Good post, bud.

Spider-Man 2 is an amazing movie. The second greatest superhero movie ever made, behind Dark Knight in my opinion. Though, I personally have a little more love for Spidey 2 in my heart than Dark Knight.

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