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Default Re: The Avengers 2! The Official News and Speculation Thread - Upgrade section 5 -

Originally Posted by Lord View Post
Heh, i doubt many posters will take it seriously but i found it a little uneventfull most of the time, during the city battle i didn't ever feel like there was any real danger to our heroes, if you want a comparison that will probably make any of my statements not be taken seriously then here goes:

One year before it Transformers 3 had just shown a similar battle in a big city which i think was better done and showed consequences better, even if the film itself wasn't as better written. While i'm glad they paid homenage to the first comic i also found the villain (Loki) very weak, and from what i see i'm not the only one who thinks that, and i remember reading a review saying he was the weakest part of the film.

Then again i also see he has a lot of fans, the look of the film itself also seemed very generic, while i liked the dialogue i never found anything in the directing to be particularly creative or interesting.

I also thought that for half the film there wasn't really any plot (this However doesn't make it bad, but in this particular case i didn't think they went through an interesting enough direction) and the mind control of Hawkeye felt a little too cheesy for my taste, it's not that i'm a fan of the character, but the way it worked just didn't make that much sence, they were being controled yet had individual thoughts of their oun? When i watched the end of Thor i thought Selving's entire body was sort of possessed by Loki.

Many of these are probable perceived by fans as nitpicking but overall i don't think the film was anything special besides the event behind it.
Fair enough, I do agree about not showing any real danger. They did show the after math of the battle and acknowledged. I thought that was cool but nonetheless it's your opinion, I hope you can enjoy A:AOU more

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