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Default Re: Amy Adams IS Lois Lane

Here's a query for you:
What personality imperfection does Lois Lane in MoS have?


That's how shallow the writing was.
I am not a fan of David Goyer and I believe the script was the weakest link with the film. (NOT The actress. I continue to shake my head all of you "Experts" who think that Amy Adams doesn't have the "skill set" for Lois Lane. Give me a break. If I rolled my eyes any harder they'd be in the back of my skull.)

But I think it's fairly clear she had some flaws.

Like every other version of Lois Lane, she walked into danger without thinking twice about it. She was brave to a fault. Following Clark deep into the mountain was a fairly stupid thing to do. But she's too curious and her curiosity got the best of her.

Letting a flash bulb off once she got into the cavern was also an impulsive thing to do but again, her ambition drove her and not common sense.

Following Clark across the world because she just could NOT LET IT GO is also a fairly standard Lois LAne personality tic. It's a tic that CAN bring good but can also get her into trouble. She was LUCKY that Clark turned out to be the guardian angel he was. What if he wasn't a good guy? She would have been in serious trouble? Again, her inability to let things go could have blown up in her face.

Volunteering to go on the ship? Again, it's her bravery making her put herself at risk to a fault.

Another flaw....cockiness. She thought she was going to be able to outrun the FBI. Who thinks they can outrun the FBI? Lois Lane. It's a character flaw. She's confidant to a fault.

Lois' bravery is a commendable, amazing thing. It's an iconic trait. She's fearless. But her ambition and impulsivity can also be flaws. That was clear as day to me in the film.

The writing in the film was not what it should have been but to imply that Lois had no flaws or personality tics that showed weakness is simply NOT true.

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