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Default Re: Amy Adams IS Lois Lane - Part 1

Originally Posted by MrMaooz View Post
Recent Pic of Amy.

She's gorgeous.

Agree with the OP, I think it's best not to reveal Lois's exact age in the movies - if only to prevent arguments on the forums!

Amy has already stated that she is playing younger than her real age for Lois, and from MoS I would have guessed around early 30s for Lois, around the same age as Supes.

It's the right age I feel - she needs to be an established journalist and feel and look like a proper woman rather than a girl straight out of college - which was how I felt about Kate Bosworth in SR.

And yes of course if they make a few Superman movies, she would be in her early 40s but she looks years younger than she is so who cares?

Though there's a 9 year age gap, I think she and Henry Cavill both have very versatile looks in terms of age - both can look older or younger depending on the role or scene (Cavill especially looked very young in the Daily Planet scenes at the end of MoS IMO) so it doesn't make any difference whatsoever.

There were really people who thought the 9 year age gap was 'creepy'???

Crazy. Though most of them are probably just 15 year old Cavill fangirls who think anyone over the age of 25 is old...

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