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Default Re: MOS2 suit: news, speculation and pics (discussion thread)

Originally Posted by SpideyFan866 View Post
I've said it before and I'll say it again:

After the events of Man of Steel, Superman will be rehabbing his image.

He'll be wanting to be seen as something more, or other, than just an alien. Also, he'll be wanting to distance himself from the image of the kryptonians who just came to earth and caused the death of thousands.

So, he'll be wanting to change up his look to something more earthly, approachable, and heroic, while also remaining faithful to certain elements of his homeworld's signature skin suits (cape, family crest).
I respect your opinion, but that's not a very good reason to me. I feel like it would come off as him changing his suit just for the sake of changing it. He is kryptonian, there's no reason to ignore that. The whole world just saw him defeat the evil kryptonians, so his image is fine with the majority. I don't want to see him change his image just for the sake of WB selling new toys and clothing.

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