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Default Re: Official Random X-Men One-Shots and Specials Thread

Originally Posted by JustABill View Post
That "awful" Marvel Divas series was truer to those 4 characters (Firestar, Black Cat, Photon, and Hellcat) than anything else they are appearing in now. ESPECIALLY Black Cat, whose become nothing more than her regressed 80's self thanks to Joey Q who does nothing but sleep with Spider-Man.

That awful Marvel Divas series was great compared to what Firestar would get if she were on Utopia.
Really?!?!?! While I can not really speak for Black Cat, Photon and Hellcat, since I don't follow them in their respective comics, I did not care for the series at all. I know it was supposed to be a satire of Sex and the City, but it was so silly and ridiculous and somewhat insulting to us 20/30 something singles out there, that I could barely read the bits I got. Only a guy could write women like that! That said, I am glad you liked it. About time Firestar returned to the Marvel Universe.

Firestar should be in one of the main X Men teams-I've waited 25 years for it! As long as it's not in Uncanny-lord knows what Fraction would do to her. But I would love an Emma/Angelica show down again

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