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Default Re: All Things Superman: An Open Discussion - - - - - - Part 15

Originally Posted by Mike22 View Post
Guys, has there been any type of news about the trailer and when it might premiere?
I'm starting to get really impatient.
I doubt that the there will be actual news on the trailer (perhaps if Snyder did/does an interview in the next month) as studios don't usually announce things like trailers. But the trailer will premiere with The Hobbit. That's as 100% sure bet as the teaser with TDKR was. Actually, if WB didn't have The Hobbit coming out next month we'd get the trailer in about a week, as traditionally WB releases the trailers for movies of MOS's type 7 months in advance, give or take a day.

But we should get some official stills soon I'd wager. Again, looking at the obvious pattern from WB all Nolan's Batman flicks got a few of them about 3-4 weeks before the first trailer.

Then again maybe WB wants to deliberately sabotage MOS and you'll get none of that in the near future!

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