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Default Re: WHO will be the next announcement? [Round 1]

if there was one character that stole others screentime, it was Wolverine. MORE than Storm.

It was the obvious move from the writers to show Storm getting the lead in the school. It was the only way possible.

Who would have been the leader? Rogue? Iceman?... Colossus? Wolverine?

One of the things that werent needed at all was the Rogue/Bobby/Kitty triangle. They could have used Kitty without the need to complicate Anne and Bobby relationship, and probably Rogue wouldnt have taken the cure, if for example, she would have had another scene with another character that would have told her she had a gift, and was part of a team, Rogue could have ending realizing that and finally rejecting the cure.

But no, they forced the Kitty thing when the movie should have been about Phoenix being the main threat.

And.... we didnt need to see Logan talking with EVERY X-MEN during the whole movie. THAT was one of the problems.

Wolverine had words with Storm, had a short interaction with Colossus on the danger room, then with Cyclops, then with Beast and Charles, then with Storm on Alkali Lake, then with Charles, then with Jean, then with Charles and Storm, then the Jean house scene, then with Rogue before leaving the shool, then with Magneto on the forest, then with Beast and Storm back on the school, then with Beast on the halfway, then the Speech as a leader to all the x-men, then some words with Kitty on the battle, then with Storm, then with Bobby, then with Beast...

anyway, Logan talked with EVERYONE in the damm movie.

but... what about a short dialogue between Rogue and Kitty?... what about Cyclops and Storm?.... what about Beast and Kitty? or Bobby and Beast?.... or Rogue and Beast? or Angel and Bobby?

sooooo many lack of character interaction on the x-team. while Logan spoke with everyone. THAT was one of the problems, Logan was forced as the star of the movie, when the movie WASNT about him. It was about PHOENIX and the CURE.

but no.... all the fans complain about Storm, because Halle is a diva and she was the main star of the movie.

Yeah, tell that to someone else. Because I know who stole the screentime

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