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Default Re: WHO will be the next announcement? [Round 1]

Originally Posted by SterlingDee View Post
Even Storm becoming the head of the school has nothing to do with the main storylines (The Cure and Phoenix). That could have been cut and it would have made no change to the story. She's is a completely throwaway character: nothing she does arises from character motivations, she just does stuff because she's there and they have to give her something to do.

Giving her more screentime in X3 actually contributed to the poor quality of the film, especially from a writing/structure perspective, because it was at the cost of devoting more time to a lead character (Jean) with an actual arc and storyline. It was a complete waste of film to have her do anything in X3: they should have just given her an effects sequence and a couple lines like in the other films.
I don't entirely agree with that. I didn't like some of what we got from Storm in X3 but I don't think Storm's presence in the story had anything to do with the problems with the Jean/Phoenix story (a lack of firebird effect, and standing around doing nothing at Alcatraz). Had Storm not been there at all, there still wouldn't have been much Cyclops so we would have had more of the Wolverine/Jean love thing which we had seen quite enough of by now.

If it's true that the studio insisted on the Cure story, then the writers should have been more creative.

The Cure and Phoenix plots didn't intersect very much. The writers should have tied both plots together and had the development of the Cure fast-tracked because of destruction/threat caused by Phoenix. The Cure could have been the government's response to the fight scene at Jean's house. (it would already have been in development)

Xavier shouldn't have exploded in that battle, he should have temporarily been able to reinstate the blocks (as in the comics). Jean would then have burst through the mental barriers when the X-Men came under threat from military forces armed with the Cure. Storm's role could have been reduced as a result of those changes. We didn't need to see her become head of the school for a start.

The main problems with X3 are the hasty exit of Cyclops and parallel plots that didn't weave together well, as well as Wolverine dominating every single scene.

In effect, X3 had three plots - Cure, Phoenix and Magneto's War. While Magneto's War linked to the other two plots, the Cure and Phoenix didn't link to each other.

In X2, we had Stryker's plans, Wolverine's origins and Jean's journey nicely woven together. So it can work to have more than one storyline going on. But X3 didn't handle it well.

Show me an X-Men comic where Mystique is the leader and walks round all day as a bored blonde

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