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Default Re: Is Robert Downey Jr. a good choice?

The problem is not everyone is going to be happy with who ever they picked, if Tom Cruise would have been picked, we would have a board full of people whinning that he's too short, and he's mentally unstable. Everyone had a idea in there head of what actor should be Tony Stark, I liked Jim Caveziel, but I am just as happy with Robert, he's a talented actor, pobably one of the most talented in Hollywood, if not for his personal demons he'd be a Oscar nominee more offen, give the guy a chance.
I remember people complaining about Hugh Jackman, he's too tall, Toby Magaire, and most recently Topher Grace, so its way to early to say he's a bad choice, he acts as though that he really wanted the role and with a actor of his talent is this excited about a role, his performance should be outstanding.

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