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Default PROPOSAL: Marvel Universe RPG

Screenname of the Proposed RPG’s Game Masters: That'll be decided within the thread. Personally, while I have no issue with taking part as a GM, I don't think I'd nessecarily be the guy to make every decision. So please, feel free to volunteer if you want to.

Do You Have An Instant Messenger that we can reach you on for better conversation? (i.e MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ect.) And if so, what is your screenname?: - MSN

How will the overall layout of the RPG be?: I'm going to be as honest as I can: we're cutting out all of the bull****. No more continuity discussions, no more specifically trained cutoffs, no more hardlined moment-in-time storyline reliance, and no more arguments about what is and is not still in play in regards to Marvel continuity. This RPG is designed to be only about the essential aspects of the Marvel Universe and nothing else. It is an established Marvel Universe of ten years, every major "classic" beat has happened, and your job is to simply pick up a character and go. The hard specifics of what is in continuity will be decided solely by the GMs, though that power will be exercised rarely, because we're going with the idea that generally everything has happened.

Premise of RPG (Must be a paragraph or longer): As I said above, the larger Marvel Universe has been around and kicking for the better part of a decade. Every major event that you associate with Marvel's characters has happened - Captain America and the Invaders were around in the 40's, while the current generation of heroes started with The Fantastic Four, eventually culminating a rise of heroes like Spider-Man, Daredevil, Iron Man, ect. The Avengers were founded, Cap was found and unfrozen, Charles Xavier began his school - all of that remains intact and leads right up to the present day. Obviously, there have been a number of controversial storylines in recent years, leading to a decline in general interest. That's why we're being vague about the more undesirable events and storylines that people generally associate with a decline in quality.

That's not to say they've been erased. They just don't have to be brought up. And regardless, most of that stuff has been reversed in one way or another - IE, Spidey unmasking, Steve Rogers being dead, Thor being dead, Bucky becoming Cap and dying, Human Torch dying, Iron Man leading SHIELD, and so on. They've all been pretty much set back to their status quo in the comics, and that in essence reflects the idea of the RPG. You simply have to take the baton of a character in their most classic, 'timeless' state and move ahead with your own storylines. This Year Ten of the universe.

What will this RPG bring to the RPG forums? (please write two complete sentences): There's been a clear lack of something for many months, now, and that's the prescence of a mainstream Marvel RPG. We have one for DC, more or less, but Marvel tried a reboot after the first RPG fell into decline due to a confuddled mess and ultimately didn't quite achieve what it set out to. The time has come for a new RPG, not nessecarily a reboot, but merely bringing in a key piece of the puzzle that have been the games over the years. The goal with this is to treat it like when the games first began, and simplify it as best as possible. If people are up for it, we can bring the spirit of Marvel back to the boards - and after that, who knows? This could be opening the floodgates for bigger things, and more importantly, better games.

Title Of The RPG You Would Like To Propose: The "Nuff' Said" Marvel Universe RPG: Season One

Example Of Characters Application:

The "Nuff' Said" Marvel Universe Application

Character you would like to play (please include the color and font you plan on using to portray the character):

Brief History (provide at least two sentences) If you copy/paste this information from another website, link back to it, or it is considered plagiarism, it will not be allowed:

Group your character is aligned with (if applicable):

Explain what you plan to do with the character you've chosen and why you've chosen this character:

Do you have an Instant Messenger? Which one, and what is your screen name?:

If you know how to post pictures, please provide a picture of your character you wish to be used for the Character Roster (if you do not know how, or do not have a preference, please say so and a default picture shall be picked for you):

Please provide a small sample post with original content in the style that you plan to write your character in (must be at least 3 paragraphs long and contain at least one line of dialogue):

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