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Default Re: EMPIRE Podcast w/ Simon Kinberg

Great interview, thanks JP. I just wanna say that I truly underestimated Kinberg's writing abilities, and after seeing this movie I take most of the bad things I said back. Still he still has far far more to learn about writing, and a clear example of that is when he talks about his treatment of Cyclops, yes he was forced to write him out, yes James Marsden was available for a few days, yes he was cornered yada yada yada, and yes he killed Jean too, but after all these years he still doesn't get it, it's not the fact that he had the characters killed, it's the fact that he didn't make all the other characters react to the death of Cyclops, it's like they knew him for 5 minutes, no one cared that Jean was evil all of the sudden, THAT was what was unnerving the complete lack of emotional payoff for all the things that were happening around the X-Men, that Mr Kinberg was the main problem, not just that you killed them, but the fact that there was no emotion at all when those things happened. Rant over. Congrats DOFP is amazing, and just like you were put to blame for TLS, you should be congratulated for DOFP.

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