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Default Re: EMPIRE Podcast w/ Simon Kinberg

I didn't listen to it yet but I read the breakdown empire provided. One thing that bugs me a little about Simon is when he says as a writer he doesn't think he can do something. Or that he comes up with bad ideas that need to be scrapped. I get these things happen but I really think DoFP is amazing because of people like Bryan and Matthew editing him down and helping him out.

The whole Rogue thing still bugs me. Not to start anything but the whole notion that her story in this wasn't important just doesn't sit. I can handle the rescue sequence not flowing like they've said but he mentioned how Rogue coming in would take away the ticking clock aspect with Kitty. Yes Kitty was injured but whether it was her or Rogue it still would be a ticking clock situation because they had sentinels attacking. This is why I feel the whole excuse they gave was just that and it really was a time constraint. There was great emotions with the Kitty scenes and I do love them in the movie but I find Kitty sacrificing herself for the mission so much more emotional. And even more so for Rogue having to be the one to do it. But it would have also given the Rogue character a way to redeem herself from Last Stand and finally had her accept her power and save the day. Still to me a wasted opportunity. But nothing can be done and there's a great future ahead for the franchise. I just hope they keep this up.

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