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Default Re: Wii U in 'development hell', claims tipster

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
Yeah I refuse to believe Nintendo is getting out of the console making business.

If the Wii-U doesn't work out they'll just make something else.

I still don't know why the heck they claimed 2012 this year. And it did look like they were going to have third party support for the Wii-U on some games.
Of course they will, it's now a simple port from a 360 game to a Wii U game. But I think the actually Wii U gimmick (the extra touch screen) will get just as much attention as the Kinect or Move get from 3rd parties now, i.e. not much and nothing very exciting. Maybe the maps in next years COD will always display on the controller, **** like that.

But, when we move onto the Xbox 3 and the Playstation 4, all those third parties are going to move on too and unless Nintendo puts out yet another new console, they are going to be stuck getting dumbed down ports again. At least this time the dumbing down will mainly just be graphics, and not full on lesser/new games because of the control difference.

It just seems like a strange decision to be perpetually behind, despite unique controlling methods.

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