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Default Re: Can Batman escape the "Third Act Curse"?

First off, I think there's been some misconception as to my meaning. When I refer to the "Third Act Curse", I do not mean that by some supernatural means all third films are inherently predestined to suck/do badly. I am referring to a PATTERN that has existed for quite some time, unbroken until, ironically, now.
I do feel that Rises has escaped this pattern. While not without its faults, it is overall both the best third act of the genre thus far AND the best of the trilogy. While I wasn't crazy about the ending, HATED the costumes and Bane's voice I personally found off-putting,* it avoided the common pitfalls of the likes of Spider-Man 3 and X3, and the general good points of the movie greatly outweighed the bad. All in all, I do feel that it's a worthwhile film and the second-best movie I've seen this year. And that's saying a LOT.

*Don't be offended-this is all my opinion. Ain't nothin' that I'm sayin' law.

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