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Default Re: Can Batman escape the "Third Act Curse"?

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Bane is an example of how a villain can be envisioned the correct way to fit the director's universe.

Sandman is an example how the new vision can be complete trash and a waste of time with no conclusion or meaning to the story.

Miranda wasn't even much of a love interest to begin with. Another example that doesn't make sense.

What? What in TDKR re-worked Ra's al Ghul's origin?

Saving the city > saving Mary Jane

Spider-Man could save his city from a threat as well, but he's always saving MJ while Batman had saved Rachel a couple times, but also the city.

The audience is aware of what Alfred was hiding while the audience had no idea that Harry's butler knew about Norman's wounds and him being Green Goblin.

I'd love to hear any more "comparisons" you have, haha.

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Sandman has motivation, yes, but his motivation faded into darkness into the film that really killed that entire storyline.

And Talia said her hatred was basically thrown to wayside because of her father dying.

Twice in his life? First of all, he's seen her three times in the film before they sleep together, but Bruce knew Miranda Tate for a while beforehand as she was the reason Bruce even built the fusion reactor five years ago.

And while their one night stand made little sense, I only see it as a wink to Talia and Bruce having a child in the comics, but in no way was Talia meant to be some kind of love interest, or at least I wouldn't see it as that. And neither was Gwen, but Gwen was meant to bring in some friction between Peter and MJ but it all fail flat after their kiss during that ceremony.

No, I can't tell you it was planned from the beginning, but in no way does it feel hastily either. Ra's did say he had a great love once, and it fits perfectly with him having a wife 30 years before the events of Batman Begins. It all makes sense which doesn't feel the same with the retcon with Uncle Ben's death now involving Flint Marko.

Which turned out to be the better Spider-Man film of the trilogy because it's simply not just the hero trying to save the damsel in distress which is always boring.

I don't know if Alfred would think that, but it hit a knocking point once Bruce decided to be Batman again, so I understand why Alfred would finally bring it up whereas Harry's butler should have told Harry about the sinister secret of his father way before. Like, as soon as the butler found out.

There's no problem in which movie is your favorite, just replying to your remarks and how I don't view them as being comparisons between the two films.

First perfect CBM trilogy. This is the point of this thread. Universally acclaimed as the first CBM trilogy to break the curse, and The Dark Knight Rises did prove to do such critically unlike Spider-Man 3. That's simply the main point for this thread.
Excellent points Domini.

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