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Default Re: Marvel Now - Part 3

Originally Posted by Shockdingo View Post
All new launching titles include;

-Wolverine: In Space!

-Wolverine: Babes, Battles and Booze

-Wolverine: Operation Day: Off

-Wolverine: The Best There Is- at Cryin' At French Dramas

-Let's Go Bub: The Rise of the Sniktmen

-CanuckleHeads: Reign of the Sniktmen

This...this is going to happen isn't it?
I think since Marvel is in the business of ripping off popular movie and tv properties the new 52 Wolverine books will be take offs of that.

Game of Wolverines
Wolverine and the Chamber of Secrets
Top Claw
Wolverine based on the novel Push by Sapphire
Life of Logan
Slashing Bad

Journeying to the Undying Lands in the West
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