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Originally Posted by ElDuderino View Post
If the vast majority of the Superman action scenes are CGI, that early cut must have been without most of the action given when it was viewed. I can't imagine it had much if any of the entire 3rd act. Plus all the Krypton stuff probably wasn't done. Honestly, what could they have been watching? Clark hitch-hiking and fishing in Alaska? To best honest, those non-action scenes look incredible in the trailer.
what is this? what kind of a post is this? why wouldnt they watch the early cuts with previz 3D scenes for effect shots? WB has the script so they know what happens in the movie. they evaluated the edit. how the pacing,acting and music works.

and why would they even watch early cuts without action? MOS was filmed in 2011. which means that from may 2012 until december 2012 they had cgi action scenes in their early cuts.

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